Charity Events

​A picture is worth a thousand donations! Give your guests something that is often missing from charity events: Fun! With the power of social media, your guest list exponentially expands the instant a selfie is shared.


Selfie Station and weddings are a perfect match!  Your guests will be able to instantly share special moments and take away an instant momento to remember your special day for years to come!

Corporate Events, Conventions
​and Trade Shows

Selfie Station is a unique marketing tool with the ability to instantly create brand awareness while capturing vital marketing information. We offer full scale branding via print and social media integration.

Selfie Big D delivers all of the fun of a photo booth without the booth. Our unique selfie station captures your memories as it delights your guests and makes any party or event instantly memorable. Whether it's a wedding, birthday or corporate event, your special moments reach thousands instantly with our custom branding, captioning, tagging and hashtagging features connected on site via social media, email and text. Imagine a strong, viral social media presence doing the advertising for you.  Our sophisticated design naturally attracts people and can blend into any venue almost seamlessly. Let us provide brand awareness and instant buzz with custom frames featuring your logo and event information shared all over social media.

Grand Openings

Selfie Station is the perfect way to advertise your new business venture. Imagine your patrons posing in front of a custom backdrop highlighting your business name or logo. Every picture taken goes straight to social media with attached marketing information about who you are and what you do. Let your pictures do the talking!

School Events & Graduations

From proms, homecomings, carnivals and more, Selfie Station is fun for kids of all ages.  It provides a fun activity as well as a special keepsake photo to share and take home.

Picture taker. Ice breaker. Memory maker. 


Give your party guests a fun takeaway to show their family and friends with an event themed print out of their selfie. Its the perfect addition to any type of party!